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With their dazzling harmonies and overwhelming chemistry, H3RIZON—Bernie, Gabby, and Tiara—are ready to inspire. The trio are the first Australian girl group, and the first Asian-Pacific girl group, to be signed to Epic via a joint venture with RZ3 Recordings. With the release of their debut single on Epic, “You Don’t Know Nothin’,” produced by famed songwriter and producer Tricky Stewart, they’re ready to make waves around the world.


Their first EP for the label, due in early 2024, is set to bring catchy, vibrant songs and no-nonsense attitude, proving they’re one of the best girl groups of a new generation. Gabby, Bernie, and Tiara grew up on the west side of Sydney. Their shared heritage and desire to pursue singing as a vocation led to them meeting backstage at local shows by Filipino artists, where they established the bonds that are immediately apparent when hearing their music.


H3RIZON’s version of “You Don’t Know Nothin'" reintroduces them as a harmonizing force, with Bernie, Gabby, and Tiara’s voices intertwining in thrilling ways. They “made it H3RIZON” in the studio, dissecting the melodies and adding their own flourishes during a marathon session. Now, H3RIZON are ready to command the spotlight while also galvanizing their audience to follow their dreams. “Being women of color, we can’t wait to inspire a lot of young women, especially from our area, to just pursue what they want,” says Bernie. “We want to show them that they can make it if they want to.”

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